EU Regions Driving Medicine Safety Event

On 13th October at 14:00, the Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre will host a digital event showcasing examples from a range of EU partners, demonstrating how Northern Ireland is co-operating and working cohesively throughout Europe to deliver safer and more effective use of medicines.  “EU Regions Driving Medicine Safety Event” will feature speakers from Northern Ireland, Poland, Estonia and Ireland for a discussion on European collaborations to  improve medicine safety.

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The Northern Ireland Medicines Optimization Innovation Centre (MOIC) is the only dedicated medicines optimisation centre in Europe, and is uniquely positioned to work alongside the health sector and the private sector to improve medicines use and patient care.

MOIC undertakes research, project management and offer professional expertise on projects that will improve patient care on medicines use. MOIC engage with partners across Europe and throughout the world to learn and engage with professionals on best practice and bring this learning back to Northern Ireland.