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We hope you will enjoy our 'Wee Weekly ABC' guide to the wonderful selection of Art, Books and Crafts from Northern Ireland we are lucky to have displayed in the Northern Ireland Office in Brussels.

Amazing Art:

After the Concert by Amber Rossi

Amber Rossi
This vibrant painting was created by Amber Rossi, who is a recent award winning graduate from the School of Art at Ulster University. Her work deals with the theme of memory and nostalgia. "Old photographs really fascinate me. Looking through photos of my mum and aunt when they were my age, finding it almost impossible to imagine a time when I didn’t exist. I always feel the strong need to try to capture past moments through my paintings. This painting was inspired by an old childhood photograph of myself, my sister and our friend. This photograph was taken right after our playgroup Christmas concert.
"This is a very fond memory of mine and I really wanted to capture it in one of my paintings. The bright colours that I have used in the painting represent the happiness and joy that I remember feeling as a child during this event." After the Concert adds a beautiful splash of colour to the Heaney Room of the NI Office in Brussels as part of our stunning permanent collection. You can find more of Amber's exceptional artwork here.

Brilliant Book:

Mourne Seafood Bar Cookbook

In this book you can find all of the delicious, classic Mourne Seafood Bar Recipes in one place. In 2006, top Belfast chef and local food champion Andy Rea, in partnership with seafood farming duo Joanne and Bob McCoubrey, opened Mourne Seafood Bar in the heart of downtown Belfast to critical acclaim. Famous for its no-nonsense, affordable approach to fresh local seafood, it has gone on to earn a plethora of industry awards and an army of dedicated fans. Now with a family of four celebrated restaurants, they have built their success on dishes that are faithful to their origin; from imported mezcales and cinnamon sticks at La Taqueria to hand-selected shellfish at Mourne Seafood. The Mourne Seafood Bar Cookbook is a ‘must-have’ for any aspiring home cook - get your copy here.
Mourne seafood

Charming Craft:

Ceramics by Alison Hanvey

Alison Hanvey
Based in Newtownards, County Down, Alison Hanvey is a production potter, making high quality, hand-made ceramic products. She fell in love with clay during her time at Banbridge Academy, while she studied art. Her inspiration comes mainly from the forms, colours and textures from her garden and from the landscape of the Mournes. "I love the qualities of clay, the way there is no resistance with it, that there is no need for tools to work it. I have direct expression from hand to clay. A piece of clay shows no hint of what it will become". Alison said: "I'm thrilled to have have some of my work in Brussels. I have been making pots for 30 years, producing a range of functional pots, using stoneware clays and various glazes. I'm always inspired by the beautiful coastal scenery of the Ards Peninsula and the whole of the island of Ireland." Learn more about Alison's beautiful ceramic designs and where you can buy them here.