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We hope you will enjoy our 'Wee Weekly ABC' guide to the wonderful selection of Art, Books and Crafts from Northern Ireland we are lucky to have on display in the Northern Ireland Executive Office in Brussels.

Amazing Art:

Dunluce Castle by Sharon Millar

Sharon Millar
Born in Singapore to Malaysian and Northern Irish parents, Sharon Millar emigrated back to the Emerald Isle over fifty years ago, and her home has been on the East Antrim Coast ever since. Her rich cultural heritage has had a deep influence on her art and the paintings she makes.
The deep jewel tones of her palette speak to her Asian roots and early life in Singapore, and her fascination with the sea from her life in Northern Ireland, learning the Irish folklore and mythology (in particular, mermaids). 'Dunluce Castle' adorns the wall of our director's office, alongside two other beautifully complementary pieces by Sharon, 'Strangford Light' and 'Murlough Bay'.
Sharon told us: "I create pieces inspired by the rugged beauty of the Northern Irish landscapes.
I am really pleased that my work has been recognised by the Office of the Northern Ireland Executive in Brussels, to showcase our wee country and hopefully encourage people to visit." You can shop Sharon's exquisite collection here.

Brilliant Book:

Cheryl's Destinies by Stephen Sexton

A gorgeously curious expedition into the fantastical as a refuge from life's harsh realities, Cheryl's Destinies is a captivating book of poems from the outstanding Forward Prize for Best First Collection-winning writer of If All the World and Love Were Young, Stephen Sexton. With his first collection described by the Sunday Times as 'a debut fit to compare to Seamus Heaney', it is unsurprising that Cheryl's Destinies was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best Collection and was The Financial Times, Irish Times and Telegraph Book of the Year. Stephen lives in Derry and teaches at Queen's University Belfast. He told us: "I'm delighted to know Cheryl's Destinies is in the library of the Northern Ireland Executive Office in Brussels. I fondly remember the thrill of the Transpoesie 2020 project, and the honour of having my work translated as part of that event.
Cheryl's destinies(1)
"As well as being concerned with the past and the future, anniversaries and centenaries, Cheryl's Destinies also considers international and intercontinental relationships, heritage and influence, our connection with history, the idea of the old world and the new world -- whichever is which -- on either side of the pandemic, as well as on each side of the Atlantic. It's a great joy to know this collection is in ONIEB and that it is, therefore, kept in a location representative of NI in the European and international community." You can purchase Stephen's breath-taking books of poems here.

Charming Craft:

Ceramic Brooch by Helen Shearer

Ceramic Brooch
Helen Shearer studied jewellery and silversmithing at the Ulster College of Art & Design, Belfast. From her workshop set in the Antrim hills, she now produces a beautiful and varied collection of porcelain jewellery and brooches. Each piece is delicately cut, constructed and fired before a metal oxide wash is lightly brushed across the image, to capture form and depth. After this, a rich range of under- glaze is painted on and transparent glaze added, before the second firing. Helen's work weaves a subtle narrative from the colours and forms found in the rural environment of County Antrim. You can find a variety of Helen's wonderful pieces available to buy here.