We hope you will enjoy our selection of Northern Ireland's Incredible People, Makers and 'Wee' Stories over the summer months...
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Incredible Wee Story:

by Darran Anderson

Listen to Darran read a beautiful excerpt from his unpublished notes for the book 'Inventory' - his second book which has been acclaimed by the the New York Times, the Irish Times and the Observer. Darran's new book has also been shortlisted for this year's PEN Ackerley Prize.
He grew up in the city of Derry and now lives in London; his work focuses primarily on the theme of cities.

Incredible People:

Oscar Woolley

Oscar Woolley is the co-owner and founder of Suki Tea, as well as a board member of the European Speciality Tea Association (European Tea Society).
Oscar Woolley
Suki Tea, which began as a start-up in Belfast's St. George's Market, is now a global brand that sells award-winning Suki Tea in over 12 different countries! Launched with the aim to provide customers with the finest product, ethical sourcing is a priority for Suki Tea. Listen as Oscar outlines Suki Tea's journey from start up to global success. Here he also tells us what exactly Suki means in ancient Japanese and the history of tea in Belfast.

Incredible Makers:

Hope Macaulay

Hope Macauley

Hope Macaulay is a luxury fashion brand by an emerging young designer in Northern Ireland. Known for her iconic, bright-coloured chunky knits. Hope and her team of knitters and seamstresses across NI make the bold, bespoke pieces to order. The most recent collection 'Ocean Paradise' has been inspired by the North Coast where Hope grew up and spent lots of time walking along the seashore during the recent lockdowns.
Hope said "I was very inspired by the array of colours and delicate ecosystem of coral reefs". Hope Macaulay is one example of a thriving NI business, with a global market, despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. View the collection here.