We hope you will enjoy our selection of Northern Ireland's Incredible People, Makers and 'Wee' Stories over the summer months...
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Incredible Wee Story:

by Máire Zepf

Listen to Máire Zepf read a tale about a magic lamp and a genie who will make Rita's wishes come true! Rita agus an Lampa Draíochta is the 6th book in Máire's much-loved 'Rita' picture book series. This story is read in Irish with English subtitles. Máire has written 6 books for children which have won several prizes and been translated into 8 languages worldwide.

Incredible People:

Peter Boyle

Peter Boyle is one of Northern Ireland's most experienced and successful entrepreneurs. He started his company Argento in 1997 after selling jewellery on the streets of Belfast. Blessed with an excellent eye and natural entrepreneurial flare, the Strabane family man travelled the world sourcing the best jewellery.
Peter Boyle
His business acumen led to Argento becoming the leading retail partner of Pandora Jewellery and opening stores across the UK before selling 26 stores back to Pandora, adding £7M to profits in the process! Listen to Pete's origin story, how retail is changing in the age of the internet and the essential business lessons he's learned along the way.

Incredible Makers:

Ruth Osborne

Ruth Osborne
Ruth Osborne is an artist based in County Down, by the shores of Strangford Lough, who creates pieces of art on Irish Linen. Ruth takes inspiration from the landscape and flora of Northern Ireland, the changing seasons, Irish Folklore and Celtic heritage. Ruth returned to the home of her childhood after living in Scotland and the south of Ireland, explaining that NI, with its unspoilt shorelines, ancient landmarks, quiet laneways and rolling drumlins, had always inspired her.
Ruth's work combines printed and painted elements, with each piece being unique and instilled with a sense of place. View her work here.