We hope you will enjoy our selection of Northern Ireland's Incredible People, Makers and 'Wee' Stories over the summer months.
Dara McAnulty

Incredible Wee Story:

by Dara McAnulty

Dara McAnulty is a 17 year old naturalist and author, living in Co. Down. His debut work of narrative non-fiction 'Diary of a Young Naturalist' won four literary awards including the Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing, making him the youngest ever recipient of a major literary prize.
Listen to Dara read an extract from his book, describing a summer day through the eyes of a young naturalist while conveying a powerful message.

Incredible People:

Cathy Craig

Cathy Craig was first in the world to use Virtual Reality to study decision-making in sport. She has worked with some of the world's top athletes and is a Professor of Experimental Psychology at Ulster University.
Cathy Craig
Cathy is also the CEO of INCISIV: the sports technology company that helps players make more match winning decisions. Listen to Cathy discuss her successful academic career, and explain how VR can be used to make our lives better and how we can make better decisions.
Ox and Ram

Incredible Makers:

Ox and Ram

Ox and Ram is a Belfast-based business formed by two parents who realised that their three daughters went through a new schoolbag every year and had to dump the old ones because they were unable to be recycled and did not biodegrade.
This realisation became inspiration for their modern range of natural pure vegetable tanned leather bags, satchel and accessories. Designed and made in Northern Ireland, this collection of bags is free from plastic, will last for years and are also kind to the environment. This family-run business hope that you will love their products, and that you will share their passion for sustainability and looking after our beautiful planet.