We hope you will enjoy our selection of Northern Ireland's Incredible People, Makers and 'Wee' Stories over the summer months.
Shannon Yee (1)

Incredible Wee Story:

by Shannon Yee

Shannon's perspectives as an immigrant, ethnic minority, queer artist-parent living with a disability in NI are deeply imbedded in her award-winning work. 'Love, Your Bestie' is an original short piece created for our Summer Postcard Series, which draws on Shannon's own experiences as an expat.
Listen to Shannon's touching story, which details one end of a postcard exchange between two friends who are apart for the summer - one who is in Brussels and one left behind in Belfast.

Incredible People:

Sinead O'Sullivan

Sinead O'Sullivan is an Aerospace Engineer from Northern Ireland. She has worked with NASA to design human spaceflight missions to the planet Mars and to asteroids.
sinead osullivan
Sinead now works as a Research Fellow at MIT, where she applies the methodologies she created at NASA to the social sciences in order to better understand global challenges, such as the interaction between democracy and technology. Listen to Sinead discuss growing up in Armagh, her work at NASA and MIT, as well as the greatest challenges and successes she has encountered along the way.
John Piekaar

Incredible Makers:

John Piekaar

John Piekaar is a Designer/ Craftsman of fine contemporary furniture, based in Ballynahinch, who takes inspiration from the natural world and architectural details. Sometimes the smallest scrap of wood can influence the next chest of drawers or hall table, he says.
John makes each piece by hand-selecting from a range of high quality hardwoods with an approach to deliver contemporary design. He uses traditional wood working techniques to produce a fine pieces of heirloom quality furniture.