We hope you have enjoyed as much as we have our selection of Northern Ireland's Incredible People, Makers and 'Wee' Stories to brighten the summer. We are working on a new format for September and hope to be able to meet again in person soon.
Jan Carson

Incredible Wee Story:

by Jan Carson

Jan Carson is a writer and community arts facilitator based in Belfast. Her work includes the novel Malcolm Orange Disappears and short story collection Children's Children. Her novel The Fire Starters (Doubleday) won the EU Prize for Literature for Ireland 2019, the Kitschies Prize for Speculative Fiction 2020 and was shortlisted for the Dalkey Book Prize 2020.
We have been lucky to work with Jan on several occasions and are proud to end our Summer Postcard series with a new piece of work written specially for us, which reminisces about a summer holiday to Wales. Listen here. To read more of Jan's stories, you can check out her blog.

Incredible People:

Norman Surplus

Norman Surplus is a pioneer, video game designer, wind-farmer, lifeboat captain, log-cabin builder, cancer survivor and most recently the first man to circumnavigate the world in an autogyro. A gyrocraft or gyrocopter is a flying machine which is a cross between a helicopter and a motorbike.
Listen to Norman speak about his early career, the event that changed the course of his life, and how one man from Larne circumnavigated the world in the most unlikely way.
zara ceramics

Incredible Makers:

Zara Ceramics

Zara Ceramics is a business based in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. Zara, the maker behind the brand, graduated from Ulster University, Belfast, and now creates bespoke homeware pieces from her garage at home.
After starting up as a side business while studying and working in a cafe, Zara Ceramics has gone from strength to strength. Zara now has over 34,000 followers on Instagram and her product drops sell out in minutes! There is a lot of coastal inspiration in the pieces Zara makes, symbolising the beautiful natural surroundings in Northern Ireland.