Autumn Newsletter
Welcome to the third edition of our Autumn Newsletter featuring the COP26.
The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) kicks off in Glasgow 31 October. This is an opportunity for world leaders, businesses, civic society and climate experts to come together to address climate change. Over the course of the two weeks, Northern Ireland Executive Ministers will be in attendance and we will also be involved in a number of events which you can read more about below. Register to attend the events in person or tune in virtually via the COP26 YouTube Channel.
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Our Place in the Cosmos - Armagh Observatory

Daily showings

“Our Place in the Cosmos” is a planetarium show about the special, fragile place of the Earth in our Galaxy, the only habitat we yet know able to sustain life. We compare Earth to our nearest planetary neighbours, Venus and Mars, which also began their lives in the habitable zone. Soon after their birth, over 4 billion years ago, these three planets looked similar – rocky worlds with flowing lava and water under an atmosphere. Yet their subsequent evolution followed very different paths.
We illustrate these contrasts in the show, we delve beneath the atmospheres to show how oceans might have looked on Venus and Mars. We contrast them to the Earth, and we show what would happen to our continents should sea level rise. Finally, we show Planet Earth today and see how we can monitor planetary health from space, providing a global view of the land, oceans and atmosphere.

Translink’s Transformative Journey to Decarbonise Public Transport in Northern Ireland

3 Nov 2021, 12.00-13.00 CET

Translink is leading the transport transformation in Northern Ireland, aiming to operate a net zero emissions fleet by 2040 and creating advanced services and networks to be your first choice for travel today, for tomorrow. This event will give an account of Translink’s actions to revolutionise and decarbonise NI’s public transport system, transitioning to renewable energy technologies and accelerating net zero emissions across their bus and train fleet and wider business by 2040.

Showcasing a compelling innovative case study and panel discussion on the ground-breaking work to deliver the first hydrogen double decker fleet and the first hydrogen refuelling station on the island of Ireland alongside next steps with 100 new zero emission (electric / hydrogen) buses due to be in service next Spring.
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How buildings will play a role in fighting climate change. The right decision today, means a better tomorrow.

11 Nov 2021, 10.30-11.30 CET

In Northern Ireland, a brand-new passive house campus is pushing the boundaries of sustainable design and energy efficient building.

The New Erne Campus, part of the South West College’s portfolio is already celebrated internationally, with a series of record-breaking achievements. The campus is the largest building and the first educational building in the world to achieve Passive House Premium certification. It is also the first building in the UK to achieve both Passive House Premium and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) Outstanding accreditations.

Bringing together a world class panel of experts on high performance construction, this event will showcase the Erne Campus, discuss tangible solutions for the climate emergency and uncover the future skills required to support a decade of innovation that will drive irreversible cultural change across the construction industry as it strives to meet its obligations on climate targets.

All Together Now: Collaboration for Local Climate Action in Northern Ireland

11 Nov 2021, 13.00-14.00 CET

Organised by Northern Ireland Environment Link (Climate NI), the panel will feature local government representatives. This session will present practical examples of local and regional climate action from Northern Ireland, to explore:
  • How adaptation and resilience can be used as a catalyst for wider climate action and;
  • How regional networks can support action and the transfer of good practice between cities and regions on issues including adaptation and resilience, net zero cities, community engagement, finance and climate justice.
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