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Dear friends and colleagues,

This week’s Newsletter features an art exhibition marking the end of NI Science Festival. Meanwhile we also mark the beginning of celebrations for International Women’s Day with a historical discussion, and look forward to St. Patrick’s Day with a Walk in the Woods. There’s a recipe for Boozy Bushmills Popcorn to enjoy while watching Court House Sessions performances from the Open House Festival Bangor or listening to the Ultimate Northern Ireland playlist.

We love to hear from you so please get in touch with any feedback or comments, and in the meantime, have a great weekend!

Best Wishes,
Lynsey Moore, Director

Walk in the Woods: St. Patrick’s Chair and Well

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, why not take a virtual walk in the Patron Saint’s footsteps through these woods in Augher, County Tyrone. In this delightful ‘Walk in the Woods’ you will find St. Patrick’s Chair and Well.

According to local folklore, wishes made while sitting on the chair will come true within days!
St Patrick's Walk

NI Science Festival: Let Your Mind Wonder

The Northern Ireland Science Festival continued this week with a multitude of events to watch again, including a conversation with astronaut Tim Peake. Here is one last event to catch before the Festival ends tomorrow. Physics Professor Harry McMahon brings us science through art with an online exhibition of paintings portraying humankind’s attempt to make sense of an incomprehensible, chaotic world. The exhibition pays tribute to pioneers of science such as Leonhard Euler, Dorothy Hodgkin, Belfast-born Nobel Prize for Physics nominee J S Bell and William Campbell.
NI Science Art Exhibition

Women Making History: International Women’s Day 2021

'Women Making History’ on 2 March looks back at how women made their voices heard in 1921 and how that has changed over the last century. Historian Myrtle Hill, Danielle Roberts and Elaine Crory will be on the panel.

This event is a collaboration between Belfast City Council, Equality Commission NI and Reclaim the Agenda. Register to attend here.
Women making history

Boozy Bushmills Popcorn

Something fun and tasty to brighten up your weekend with is this unique recipe for Bushmills Whiskey flavoured Popcorn created by Nicola from Blackrock House.

To enjoy with a bit of sun and the Ultimate Northern Ireland Playlist, made to ‘get you going’ and every day that bit better.
Boozy Bushmills Popcorn

Court House Sessions: Open House Festival Bangor

Open House Festival and the Arts Council NI ‘Court House Sessions’ will showcase talented young artists including NI Music Prize nominees, The Darkling Air, The Florentinas who recently signed a major BMG publishing deal, and a Q&A event with internationally acclaimed author Colin Bateman. The sessions will go live between 26 February through to mid-March on their YouTube channel, website and social media pages. The event is a wonderful opportunity to view the interior of the iconic Victorian listed building Court House before its restoration project begins in April.
Court House Sessions: Open House Festival Bangor