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Dear friends and colleagues,

This week’s Newsletter will take you to the Georgian Armagh Robinson Library to listen to poetry and also to discover some extraordinary old maps. For LGBT+ History month, the Linen Hall Library reclaims the past through fiction. The fabulous NI Science Festival invited Jane Goodall to discuss reasons for hope on how to save the planet. We found some interesting video testimonies to watch and learn the story of the Railways to the West.

You may want to follow Paula McIntyre’s suggestion to bake a chocolate cake or prepare pancakes while listening to great music from Ryan McMullan.

Enjoy the weekend. Do tell us how you are doing, we are eager to hear your feedback and comments.

Best Wishes,
Lynsey Moore, Director

‘Poetry Videos for Lockdown’

Listen to the voices of Maria McManus and Rachel Toner reading selected poems from the Armagh Robinson Library’s collection, funded by the Arts Council NI. And while you are there, take a few minutes to browse through the new mapping exhibition showcasing images from Irish and world maps published in the three centuries after the year 1536. All are drawn from the collection of Marsh’s Library and the Armagh Robinson Library.
‘Poetry Videos for Lockdown’

How to Save the Planet

Did you miss the fascinating intergenerational conversation with @JaneGoodallInst, @AnnaKernahan, @shine_tara & @LizzieDalyWild?

This was a part of the @niscifest, you can watch the discussion here.
How to Save the Planet

Omagh Railway Heritage

Travel through time with the story of the Railways to the West. This is a Special EU Programmes Body PEACE IV programme project focusing on the Great Northern Railway which passed through villages in Mid and West Tyrone and Omagh on its journey from Portadown to Londonderry until its closure in 1965. A video is here to tell the stories of the adventure, from those who worked on it and those that lived nearby.

Music as if you were in the room

You missed Live Performance? As we enter another weekend, listen again to this fantastic song ‘Belfast City’ from artist @ryanmcmusic recorded in @TitanicBelfast with Discover NI #EmbraceaGiantSpirit.
Music as if you were in the room

Baking for the Weekend

And will you take the challenge of cooking this yummy Chocolate and Raspberry Cake? You could spice it up using plain oil & half chilli rapeseed oil.

Or if you have not found the time last Tuesday, go for a wee taste of Ulster-Scots oatmeal pancakes served with a drizzle of fruit syrup brought to you by Paula McIntyre.
Choc cake(1)

‘Reclaiming the LGBT Past through Fiction’ with the Linen Hall Library Belfast

For LGBT+ History month, join this live talk ‘Reclaiming the LGBT Past through Fiction’ on 23 February with Hilary McCollum, Queen’s University. The event is hosted at the historical Linen Hall Library, and is a collaboration with LGBT Heritage Project & the LGBT History Club. Sign up here.
‘Reclaiming the LGBT Past through Fiction’ with the Linen Hall Library Belfast