Erasmus+ is the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. Erasmus+ runs with organisations invited to apply for funding each year to undertake creative and worthwhile activities. Erasmus+ aims to modernise education, training and youth work across Europe. It offers opportunities for participants to then study, work, volunteer, teach and train abroad in Europe.

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with over €90 billion of funding available over 7 years (2021 to 2027). The goal is to ensure Europe produces world-class science, removes barriers to innovation and makes it easier for the public and private sectors to work together in delivering innovation. By coupling research and innovation, Horizon Europe is helping to achieve this with its emphasis on excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges.

In January, the UK government announced that the UK will associate to Horizon Europe. The EU is still in the process of formalising the UK’s association. But UK-based applicants can begin applying straight away. You do not need to wait for the EU to formalise association. Find out more in the European Commission Q&A on the UK’s participation in Horizon Europe (PDF, 712KB)

If the delay to the UK association continues, the UK government has confirmed successful Horizon Europe applicants will receive funding from UKRI regardless of the outcome of the UK’s efforts to associate with Horizon Europe. This applies to awards expected to be signed by the end of December 2022, where the delay to UK association to the programme may prevent them from signing grant agreements.

European Territorial Cooperation (ETC)

Northern Ireland receives specific support from ETC funds.

PEACE PLUS Programme 2021-2027

The PEACE PLUS Programme (The EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation) is a unique ETC programme aimed at reinforcing progress towards a peaceful and stable society in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland. The PEACE PLUS Programme is managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB).