Summer Postcard by Paul McVeigh

For our 7th Summer Postcard, Paul McVeigh reads a brand new piece he has written about a Northern Irish summer dream.

Paul’s debut novel, The Good Son, is funny, raw, sometimes distressing, always wonderfully entertaining says Jonathan Coe. The book won The Polari First Novel Prize and The McCrea Literary Award, and was shortlisted for many others including the Prix du Roman Cezam. Born in Belfast, Paul McVeigh began his writing career as a playwright and comedy writer. His short stories have been in numerous anthologies, journals and newspapers and his work has been performed on radio, stage and television, and published in seven languages.

Paul co-founded the London Short Story Festival and is associate director of Word Factory, “the UK national organisation for excellence in the short story“. He co-edited Belfast Stories and edited The 32: An Anthology of Irish Working Class Voices.

Paul has taught creative writing, moved to London and read his work in numerous countries. He now lives back home in Belfast.