Summer Postcard by Jan Carson

This is the 8th and final episode of our Summer Postcard Series, in which author Jan Carson reads a new original piece, reminiscing on a summer holiday to Wales.

Jan Carson is a writer and community arts facilitator based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has a novel, Malcolm Orange Disappears and short story collection, Children’s Children, (Liberties Press), two micro-fiction collections, Postcard Stories 1 and 2 (Emma Press) and a short story collection, The Last Resort (Doubleday). Her novel The Fire Starters (Doubleday) won the EU Prize for Literature for Ireland 2019, the Kitschies Prize for Speculative Fiction 2020 and was shortlisted for the Dalkey Book Prize 2020. Her third novel, The Raptures will be published in spring 2022. To read more of Jan’s stories, you can check out her blog.