Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Belfast’ in BOZAR Theatre

On 7 April, ONIEB co-hosted a special screening of Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Belfast’ with the UK Mission to the EU.

‘Belfast’ focuses on nine-year old Buddy and his family as they navigate the growing violence of “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland the summer of 1969. The film is based on Branagh’s own experiences growing up in Belfast and shows how these events unfolded from the perspective of a child. ‘Belfast’ includes an array of NI talent in leading roles such as Belfast’s own Jaime Dornan, Ciaran Hinds, and the promising newcomer Jude Hill, who plays the titular role of Buddy. The film won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar and received nominations in six additional categories including Best Motion Picture.


Guests attended reception at BOZAR theatre in Brussels where a powerful piece of art by NI’s artist Terry Bradley was on display.

Despite the serious subject matter the film is also a love story about Belfast, and opens with a view of  the city, demonstrating why it is a good time to visit Belfast. Make sure to add the city to your travel list this summer.