Boozy Bushmills Popcorn

Something fun and tasty to brighten up your weekend with is this unique recipe created by Anna from the BlackRock House with Bushmills Whiskey flavoured Popcorn. To enjoy with a …

Baking for the Weekend

And will you take the challenge of cooking this yummy Chocolate and Raspberry Cake? You could spice it up using plain oil & half chilli rapeseed oil. Or if you …

Music as if you were in the room

You missed Live Performance? As we enter another weekend, listen again to this fantastic song ‘Belfast City’ from artist @ryanmcmusic recorded in @TitanicBelfast with Discover NI  #EmbraceaGiantSpirit.

Omagh Railway Heritage

Travel through time with the story of the Railways to the West. This is a Special EU Programmes Body PEACE IV programme project focusing on the Great Northern Railway which …

How to Save the Planet

Did you miss the fascinating intergenerational conversation with @JaneGoodallInst, @AnnaKernahan, @shine_tara & @LizzieDalyWild? This was a part of the @niscifest, you can watch the discussion here.